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Fitness Technology and You

For all of us who worry that the hours we spend at our computers is making us too sedentary, we've got some good news: sales of wearable fitness technology will grow to nearly $30 billion by 2017, notes industry forecaster IHS.

Activity trackers like Fitbit, Nike+ FuelBand and the Apple Watch are creating a new addiction. These motion sensors connect to smartphones and workout equipment through Bluetooth technology. They count your steps, calories burned and even sleep. The great news is that even if you don't know your bluetooth from your green screen, you can get up and running in seconds. These devices are so sophisticated that even the most technologically inept among us can use them. 

Nike's latest Nike+ FuelBand SE motivates users to move for at least five minutes to "win the hour" -- it alerts you if you've been sitting for 45 minutes. Nike noticed that 98% of its 20 million users regularly exercise but then sit for huge chunks of the day. Apple Watch, meanwhile, senses when you stand up and gives you credit when you do, so you can minimize sedentary time. Fitbit and Jawbone also nudge you to meet your goal with alerts.

 "i.d. gym is already plugged in to wearable tech," personal trainer George Deoudes said. "All of our new cardio equipment is ready to pick up your heart rate monitor and show you your workout intensity. All you need to do is turn on the machine and it will do the rest."

 Need a little help making the transition to the technology age? We've got the answer. Our new bikes, the Spinner Blade ION, have computers showing your speed, power and calories on the screen in front of you. Our amazing instructors can coach you to hit your perfect stride and increase your power. Post-ride data analysis allows you to evaluate your progress, and compare those results over time.

 "The real fun begins when you get a heart rate monitor," group-fitness instructor Laurie Gold said. "When you monitor your heart rate, you are personalizing your fitness training and having great cardio workouts. You're able to make real-time decisions on how hard to push yourself to improve your aerobic systems or simply burn a higher percent of fat."

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"Even though you bust a sweat every time you come to your favorite Spinning or Treadmill Bootcamp class, these devices show what's wrong with the other 23 hours of our days," Brent Holten says. "Wearable trackers shine a light on the inner couch potato you didn't know you had."


There's an app for that!

Find the fitness app that's right for you! Here are some of the latest options:

Digifit: Create workouts to meet your goals! Design by time, distance or even music-based intervals assigned to pace zones or heart rate zones. Get insight into your current cardiovascular fitness level, develop custom heart rate and pace training zones, and much more.

Heart Zones: In 1993, the Heart Zones USA company developed the first heart-rate training systems Heart Zones Training. Today, Heart Zones has grown into a fitness technology and education company that uses smart devices with the vision to get America fit and the passion to achieve that. 

StravaStrava lets you experience social fitness -- connecting and competing with others via mobile and online apps. 

Wahoo Fitnessharnesses the power of the iPhone to transform the way you ride, run and reach your training and fitness goals.