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Summer Workout Extenders

As we move into the fall season, many of us cling to our favorite summer activities: we squeeze in a round of golf when chilly winds throw off our game, we go for a morning jog when it's too dark or we try to pick up a game of volleyball when our friends are cheering on their favorite football teams. It doesn't have to be this way with i.d. gym's summer workout extenders!


Here, we take some of the most popular outdoor workouts and pair them with the classes that you can use to maintain -- if not improve -- your performance during the approaching autumn and winter months. 


When it's too cold, windy or dark to maintain your outdoor running regimen, try Spinning. With Spinning, you can build the lower-body strength and cardiovascular health you'll need for Chicago's running paths next season. And when you're sprinting, jumping and climbing to some hot tunes, it's great fun too! 

Don't forgetPower Yoga. It's important for runners to take yoga on a regular basis to build the strength and flexibility that could give them the edge on the track. New to yoga? Try Yoga Basics.


The Caveman Workout combines high-intensity strength building and cardio drills with sledgehammers, sandbags, slosh tubes and 50-feet of heavy-duty rope. This class can help you build your core strength that you can apply on the golf course. You'll never swing that golf club the same way. 

Don't forgetTabata Circuit. Named after a Japanese scientist who studied the benefits of high-intensity fitness training decades ago, this method of training offers more health benefits than traditional cardiovascular exercise because it's short, efficient and can fit into any fitness program.


You may actually improve upon your tennis game with Kettlebell Challenge. When you play tennis, you're constantly on your toes with forward, backward and lateral movements. By tranitioning to Kettlebell Challenge, you'll take a class that gives you techniques proven to be most effective for maximal force applications. These techniques are drilled with precision, which proves invaluable when you need precision in competition, sport or daily life -- or on the tennis court.

Don't forgetDancer's Body. You'll perform isometric drills, interval training and dance conditioning to elongate your muscles and burn fat. You'll be long and lean for the courts!


If you're already a fish out of water longing for the pool or beach, get to Body Sculpt. These high-intensity classes help you build upper body strength, lower-body strength and core strength by using hand weights, resistance tubing and BOSU trainers that target every part of the body. You'll be slicing through the pool next summer!

Don't forgetInsanity Workout. This high-intensity class uses "max interval training" to keep your body working at maximum capacity. It's crazy hard, and gives crazy good results -- in and out of the pool.



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"We have a lot of great group-fitness classes that can help you maintain the progress you've made from your warm-weather workouts," personal trainer George Deoudes says. "By incorporating these classes into your exercise routines now, you'll be able to maintain your performance and be in top shape for next summer!"