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2727 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, Il 60614

(773) 477 8400

i.d.Profile: Brent Holten

Get to know the president of i.d. gym and creator of Fly Yoga®.


i.d.: How did you get interested in yoga, and how did that interest lead to teaching yoga?

B.H.:  I was first introduced to yoga as a kid. I had insomnia quite a bit, and one of my teachers showed me how yoga breathing could help me relax and sleep better.  Years later, I went with a friend to a yoga class when I was dealing with an injury. It felt so good and so right for my body that I was hooked from the first class.  There weren't a lot of yoga teachers in Chicago at that time, and the demand was increasing. Since I was already teaching other fitness classes, it wasn't long before I was drafted to teach yoga. It's been wonderful to see how yoga has entered the mainstream, seeing so many people carrying their mats on the way to class. I think our lives are so chaotic now it's no surprise that there's a yoga studio on every corner.

i.d.: Where did you get the idea for Fly Yoga?

B.H.: I had done some Iyengar-style yoga classes -- where you use a lot of props and hanging straps -- and enjoyed working on poses like handstands and backbends with those props. Then, I took an aerial arts class (which I was terrible at!). I loved the feel of the silks on the body, and thought it would be wonderful to incorporate them into a traditional yoga class.

i.d. What's your favorite part of teaching a Fly Yoga class?

B.H.: There are many favorites, to be honest. I do really love watching someone experience the sensation of hanging in the hammocks for the first time. There is a combination of joy and fear that is pretty intense. I never get tired of seeing it.

i.d.: What's your favorite Fly Yoga pose?

B.H.: Pigeon pose and inverted pigeon pose. One of my all-time favorite hip-opening poses taken to the next level when you do it in the Fly Yoga hammock.

i.d.: How do you incorporate yoga into your own workout routine?

B.H.: Honestly, it's essential. I've been teaching fitness for 25 years, and my body wouldn't be in one piece without yoga. Even if I only have time for 15 minutes or so, I get some kind of yoga practice in most every day.

when to find Brent:

  • Sundays: Spinning and Power Yoga
  • Mondays: Express Spin, Spinning and Fly Yoga
  • Tuesdays: Body i.deology, Spinning and Yoga Basics
  • Wednesdays: Fly Yoga
  • Thursdays: Spinning, Dancer's Body and Express Yoga
  • Saturdays: Dancer's Body and Fly Yoga