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Spring Training

Imagine the picture-perfect summer day: jogging along Lake Michigan, golfing with your favorite foursome, playing tennis in Lincoln Park or just relaxing poolside with friends and family.

Here, we give you ideas for how you can start spring training for some of the most popular summer activities.  

Swimming: If you're a fish out of water longing for those days at the pool or on the beach, get started with i.d. gym's Body Sculpt group-fitness class. Available six times a week, these high-intensity classes help you build upper body strength, lower-body strength and core strength by using hand weights, resistance tubing and BOSU trainers that target every part of the body. After a few of our Body Sculpt classes, you'll be slicing through the pool.

Golfing: The Caveman Workout is a group-fitness innovation that combines high-intensity strength building and cardio drills with sledgehammers, sandbags, slosh tubes and 50-feet of heavy-duty rope. Available on Mondays and Thursdays, the Caveman Workout can help you build your core strength that you can apply on the golf course. You'll never swing that golf club the same way. Fore!

Tennis: You may actually improve upon your tennis game with Kettlebell Bootcamp, a group fitness class available every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. When you play tennis, you're constantly on your toes with forward, backward and lateral movements. By preparing for tennis season with Kettlebell Bootcamp, you'll be taking a class that gives you techniques proven to be most effective for maximal force applications. These techniques are drilled with precision, which proves invaluable when you need precision in competition, sport or daily life -- or on the tennis court.

Make It Personal 

Are you looking for a more customized way to get ready for your favorite summer activities. Consider personal training.

"At i.d. gym, we're always looking for new ways to help you personalize your fitness regimen," George says. "We will work with you to identify the workout that's exactly right for you and your fitness goals -- whether you simply need that extra push or if you're training for a specific summer sport."   

A variety of personal training options are available:

  • One-on-one personal training - standard packages 
  • PT/PT - part-time personal training
  • Small-group personal training


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"Regardless of your favorite activity, now is the time to get in the shape you want to be for the summer," says George Deoudes, group-fitness instructor and personal trainer. "With about a few months before the start of summer, i.d. gym offers a variety of group-fitness classes and personal training programs to help you wet into swimsuit shape."