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Introducing No Excuse Workouts!

Short on time? Not sure if you can handle a full 45-minute group fitness class? Do you just want a little bit more out of your workouts?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, we've got the classes for you with our new series of No Excuse Workouts!

The No Excuse Workout classes include:

Express Spin: When you have to rush to work but you still need a good butt-kicking cardio workout, this is the class for you! You'll burn massive amounts of cardio and sweat out all the sins of the weekend in just 30 minutes on the bike. Mondays at 6:30 am with Brent Holten.

Tabata Circuit: The basis of Tabata Training is four minutes of intense interval training on each station of the circuit. For example, you'll sprint as hard as you can for 20 seconds, walk for 10 seconds and then repeat seven times for a total of eights sets. You'll then move on to the next station. You couldn't handle more than 30 minutes of this class! Mondays at 10 am with George Deoudes.

Express Pace: It's Monday night, and you're already at i.d. for CrossFit, the Caveman Workout or Vinyasa Flow. You need to add a quick shot of high-intensity cardio to your workout, and this is the class for that! This 30-minute running class is the perfect add-on to your strength workout, or a great way to get your cardio when you're short on time. Mondays at 6:15 pm with Marron Brookes.

Express Yoga: This class is the perfect solution when your schedule is as tight as your muscles, giving you 30 minutes of lengthening, opening and decompressing suited to all experience levels. Wednesdays at 7:15 pm with Marron Brookes.

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Our No Excuse Workout series is made up of 30-minute classes that are designed for people with over-scheduled lives. Or those who are new to certain types of workouts and aren't ready to dive into the deep end. And they're great for folks who are already at the gym and need a little more from their exercise routine of the day.