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2727 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, Il 60614

(773) 477 8400

Class Profile: Parkour

i.d. gym was one of the first gyms to bring Parkour to the group-fitness environment in Chicago. And now we're happy to report that it's back where it belongs! 

Parkour employes X Games-style gymnastics on the street, but it isn't just about backflipping off walls and roofs. And it's not just a competitive sport for extreme athletes. 

Now we'll tell you what Parkour is: A great way to get a great workout!

If you're looking for the ultimate way to shake up your workout routine, Parkour teaches you basic gymnastics maneuvers that you would use to vault over walls, ledges and other objects, while combining strength- and cardio-building exercises.

When to find it:

  • Parkour - Women's Discovery, Tuesdays at 8 pm
  • Parkour, Saturdays at 4 pm

Important: To sign up for a Parkour class, please register on the Parkour Ways website.


"Parkour is not just a hobby of mine, it is the life I live," says group-fitness instructor Kurt Gowan (pictured). "My goal is to spread the original spirit and values of the Yamakasi founders (founders of Parkour and Art du Déplacement) in Chicagoland. We teach a positive discipline that offers many benefits to people of all walks of life.