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Class Profile: Caveman Workout

The Caveman Workout is one of i.d.'s signature group-fitness classes, and it's also one of our most unusual. Named one of the 33 hottest workouts in the U.S. in April 2012 by Self magazine, you'll never look at a tractor tire, a sledgehammer or a beer keg the same way again after taking this high-intensity strength-building class.

This is how the Caveman Workout works: We set up stations around the group-fitness studio, each using a different piece of equipment. You won't find regular gym gear like hand weights, resistance bands or body bars.  Instead, you'll be using tractor tires, heavy ropes, slosh tubes, sledgehammers and beer kegs.

As you rotate from station to station, you'll perform a different workout move. At one station, you'll swing a sledgehammer against an old tire. At the next, you'll use a beer keg to perform burpees. And at another station, you'll push a sandbag back and forth across the floor. You'll have about 45 seconds at each station, with a few seconds of rest between each one, with the goal of making three rotations around the studio. We vary the class from week to week, so you'll always find unique ways to tucker out your muscles.

When to find the Caveman Workout:

  • Sundays, 11 am, with Bill Pendleton
  • Mondays, 5:15 pm, with George Deoudes
George Deoudes

George Deoudes

We'll show you how to work at each station, and we'll even give you a few modifications if you struggle to bring out your inner neanderthal and you need to make the workout ever-so-slightly easier.