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Class Profile: Budokon

Budokon is perhaps one of the most unique classes on the group-fitness schedule at i.d. gym. Available twice a week in two distinct varieties, Budokon integrates yoga, martial arts and living arts into one great workout for your body, soul and mind.

Budokon -- a Japanese term that translates into "way of the warrior spirit" -- was founded in 2001 by yogic and martial arts master Cameron Shayne. The program came to i.d. gym in 2010 in two forms, Budokon Yoga Flow and Budokon Martial Arts Flow.

Budokon Yoga Flow: This challenging yoga class integrates the fluidity of physical poses and breathing with the explosiveness of martial arts.

Budokon Martial Arts Flow: This class is a mixed system that combines the explosiveness of Karate, the agility of Jiu Jitsu and the playfulness of Capoeira with the artistry and fluidity of yoga into one seamless expression.

When to find Budokon:

  • Budokon Yoga Flow: Thursdays, 8 pm with Ellen Malloy
  • Budokon Martial Arts Flow: Thursdays, 8 pm with Ellen Malloy

"Fitness should be mentally, physically and spiritually challenging and rewarding," group-fitness instructor Ellen Malloy said. "If you are doing the same exercises that you were doing last year, it's time to up your game. Take a chance and be uncomfortable again -- it can feel great and is the only way to learn and grow."