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The Perfect Workout: Saturdays

"The Perfect Workout" series helps you get the most out of i.d.'s group-fitness program, weight room and cardio equipment.

With this series, we propose workout routines for each day of the week. We've covered MondaysTuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, so let's move on to saturday. to say the least, saturdays can be busy. we have errands to run, we sports and school evens for the kids, we get together with friends and family, and we want to squeeze in some down time. With all of that on our "to do" list, it can hard to find time for the gym. Thankfully, i.d. has just what you need to start your saturday on the right note!

The perfect (early) morning workout 

  1. If you're an early-riser, arrive at i.d. gym at 8 am, stretch out your muscles in our training area and jog for few a few minutes on one of our 12 Star Trac treadmills. 
  2. Head to Spinning at 8:15 am. Here, group-fitness instructor Laurie Gold leads up to 30 i.d. members through jumps, climbs, jogs and sprints on stationary bikes to the hottest hits of today and yesterday.
  3. If you're up for more, head to Body Sculpt at 9 am. Instructor Lillian Vasquez leads the ultimate class that's designed to strengthen and tone every muscle, from head to toe.
  4. Stretch and cool down, hit the showers and get on with your day.

The perfect (late) morning workout

  1. If you start your Saturdays at a leisurely pace, get to i.d. at 10:45 am for a stretch and a few minutes on one of our Star Trec stair mills.
  2. Join us at 11 am for Fly Yoga®, where instructors Brent Holten and DeeDee Knoche turn your yoga practice upside down for 60 minutes with our unique blend of traditional yoga, acrobatics, gymnastics and dance.
  3. If you're ambitious, get to KETTLEconditioning with instructor Kyle Boerema. Here, short periods of all-out effort are followed are followed by rest periods that help you reach "afterburn," a state where your body burns more fat and calories.
  4. Breathe, relax and get to your day! 

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