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The Perfect Workout: Thursday

"The Perfect Workout" series helps you get the most out of i.d.'s group-fitness program, weight room and cardio equipment.

With this series, we propose workout routines for each day of the week. We've covered MondaysTuesdayS and Wednesdays, so let's move on to Thursday. Thursdays can be a rough day -- you're approaching the end of a long work week and the weekend is just around the corner -- so it's often hard to stay motivated and get in a good workout. But i.d. has just what you need!.

The perfect morning workout 

  1. Arrive at i.d. gym at 5:30 am and stretch out your muscles in our training area.
  2. Jump onto one of our Star Trac treadmills for a brisk run for a mile or two, and then give yourself another good stretch.
  3. Head to Cardio Core at 6 am. Here, group-fitness instructor Angie Sorrentino takes you through core strengthening and cardio drills that will keep your heart rate up and work your abs.
  4. Stretch and cool down, hit the showers and get on with your day.

The perfect evening workout

  1. Get to i.d. at 6 pm for the requisite stretch.
  2. Warm up on one of our Star Trac treadmill for a one-mile run.
  3. Join us at 6:30 pm for KETTLEstrong (or 5:30 pm for KETTLEtechnique, if you're new to kettlebell workouts), where group-fitness instructor Rob Miller will bring your workout to the next level. With this class, you'll combine cardio and strength training in one efficient workout to maximize results!
  4. Stretch, cool down and call it a day!

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