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2727 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, Il 60614

(773) 477 8400


Lincoln Park CrossFit


forging elite fitness

With Lincoln Park CrossFit, i.d. gym offers the hottest workout trend in the country within our own four walls! CrossFit is an innovative twist on the strength and conditioning program that many firefighters, police officers and soldiers have followed for years. Lincoln Park CrossFit will help you get more fit by focusing on functional movements, instead of just one specific skill like running or weightlifting. 

Click to learn more about CrossFit.

Visit the Lincoln Park CrossFit website.


rachel b. photo studio

your life: developed

Many images on this website were taken and processed by Rachel Beltzman of rachel b. photo studio. Rachel believes the best pictures are the ones you cannot plan. They happen naturally -- they are not posed.

For more information, visit the rachel b. photo studio website.


Develop the Athlete

youth strength and conditioning

Develop the Athlete -- created by Drew Stevenson, head strengthening coach of the Chicago Machine, Chicago's major league lacrosse team – offers a strength and conditioning program designed to help young athletes build strength, increase flexibility, help stave off injury, and develop the proper habits of fitness and nutrition that are essential for improving performance. Develop the Athlete offers safe, fun and physically sound conditioning programs that help young athletes on the field, ice or court. 

"We focus on generating a program that leads to injury-free, emotionally sound and properly functioning athletes," Drew says. "We help athletes succeed by assessing proper movement, flexibility, endurance and balance, and by providing nutrition-based training."

For programming information, schedules, rates and other information, visit the Develop the Athlete website.


Fire Power Kettlebell

Russian kettlebell training

The Russian kettlebell, once a training secret of Cold War Era Soviet soldiers and athletes, has gained acceptance in the West as a simple yet dramatically successful method of training. Unlike traditional dumbbells, a kettlebell's center of mass is extended beyond the hand, allowing for a wide variety of ballistic swinging movements. These swing movements charge-up the cardiovascular intensity of the kettlebell workout, creating a workout that ferociously burns fat while creating muscle.   The end result is a sculpted, lean, athletic body.

While anyone can pick up a kettlebell and use it like a dumbbell, proper kettlebell instruction and training is the secret to unlocking the power of the kettlebell.   At i.d. gym, Jennifer McGowan, owner of Fire Power Kettlebell, teaches kettlebell group classes and provides private kettlebell instruction. Jennifer is a Russian Kettlebell Challenge (“RKC”) Certified Instructor, and received her kettlebell training from Russian kettlebell master, Pavel Tsatsouline

For more information, visit the Fire Power Kettlebell website.


Active Moms' Club

pre- and postnatal fitness

i.d. gym is the home of Active Moms’ Club, which provides mothers in Chicago with pre- and postnatal fitness classes they can bring their children to, along with personal training, wellness workshops and special events. "At i.d. gym, our goal is to meet the fitness needs of our members through the various stages of their lives," says Brent Holten. "New and expecting moms have unique fitness needs, and the Active Moms' Club fulfills those needs.

Led by Cassandra Hawkinson, Active Moms' Club classes include:

• Small Group Prenatal Training with a personal trainer. Expecting moms will learn safe and effective exercises to practice throughout pregnancy

• From the Core: Postnatal Recovery, a unique program designed especially for new mothers to strengthen the pelvic floor, lower back and abdominals muscles and return to or enhance pre-pregnancy fitness levels

• Babies, Biceps & Buggies, an outdoor stroller fitness classes that incorporates cardiovascular, agility drills and functional exercises for a total body workout

"All of our classes deliver a well-rounded workout in a fun, supportive community environment. Our trainers lead moms through a variety of exercises designed to enhance core strength, balance, flexibility and muscular endurance while maximizing calorie expenditure," Cassandra says. "We regularly hear that moms want to get back to their pre-pregnancy body as soon as possible, and we’re here to help."

For more information, visit the Active Moms’ Club website.


Katie Basil Photography

artistic photographer based in Lincoln Park, Chicago

Many images on this site were taken and processed by Katie of Katie Basil Photography. Her artistic spin on images, friendly personality and calm demeanor make her a perfect fit for any of your photography needs. Check out her site to see more of her work!


Circle Systems Golf

Richard Franklin is the founder of Circle System Golf. Competitively successful from an young age, Richard Franklin was a member of the Canadian Professional Golf Tour (2007, 2008), has won at the mini tour level and has Nationwide Tour experience. Richard Franklin is a graduate of the University of Arizona (2007), and continues to research and seek out top representatives in the fields of neuroscience, kinesiology, and physics to improve his and others interpretation of the greatest game in the world.