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overtraining tips

i.d. professionals: tips for avoiding overtraining

John Harvey



"Overtraining isn't always 'overtraining' but more often 'under-recovery.' Your training intensity will correlate directly with your attention to recovery. You need to give your body the proper amount of sleep, nutrition and stretching to promote recovery and keep yourself from becoming over trained, or under-recovered.  

"For me, the first sign of overtraining is irritability. If I find myself irritable from the very first moment I walk into the gym for my workout, it is probably time for some recovery, or -- in other words -- a nutritious meal and a nap!"

When to find John: Multiple Lincoln Park CrossFit classes.

Jennifer McGowan



"Many people think that to avoid overtraining you should simply do less of what you're currently doing. Not necessarily true. To guard against overtraining, think about increasing the variety of your workouts.  

"If you're a cardio junkie substitute one of your cardio sessions for something that requires you to lift something heavy. If you're a weight room thug, get out of the weight room and go for a run, ride a bike or go for a row. If you've been ignoring a lack of mobility or flexibility, substitute one of your regular workouts for a yoga class.  

"Beware, those of us with an overtraining mindset will likely consider these substitute workouts to be a waste of a perfectly good opportunity to do some "real" training. 

"Remember, less of your traditional volume -- whether it's measured in miles or pounds -- can lead to less injury and better long term performance." 

When to find Jennifer: Fat Shred on Wednesdays at 6:15 am and Kettlebell Challenge on Sundays at 9:30 am


Scott Wallen


"To make positive adaptations, such as getting stronger or better conditioned, you must allow your body the time to recover and heal itself. 

"The best ways I have found to avoid overtraining is by listening to your body -- if you feel lethargic, then rest. Second, ask a coach or personal trainer to write a personalized program, and give him or her continual feedback. Third, keep a workout log with what you did and how you felt during it."

When to find Scott: Rowing Bootcamp on Tuesdays at 9 am; multiple Lincoln Park CrossFit classes.

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