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overtraining myths



We're overwhelmed with information about health and fitness. How do you know what's right for you? Here, we continue our mythbusters series to help you break through the chatter to put some of the most common weight loss and exercise myths to rest.

Myth: I'm worried that I might be overtraining, so it's better to spread out my workouts instead of hitting the gym every day.

Fact: Don't take more than a day off between gym visits, if possible.

Undoubtably there are long-term health, cumulative health benefits associated with regular exercise, but it also produces significant benefits that don't linger between workouts.

Studies are showing that all the wonderful health benefits associated with regular exercise can dissipate if you skip exercising for too many days in a row. 

In addition, there is evidence that endurance is lowered and risk of injury is increased with too much time off between workouts. Unfortunately, motivation may be the biggest casualty of taking multiple days off. Most people exercise because they are excited by the previous day's workout or by the changes they see and feel in their bodies. Longer periods between exercise can dull that enthusiasm.

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