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The Power of Yoga

Why aren't you taking yoga?

Not flexible enough? You need yoga.

Afraid you won't get a good workout? You need yoga.

Too stressed out and don't have time? You really need yoga!

Fitness, like fashion and dieting, sees its share of fads. Just as you're not wearing your low-rise jeans anymore, you probably aren't working out the same way you did years ago. But yoga is no fad workout, and it isn't going anywhere. The American College of Sports Medicine recently announced its prediction for the top 10 fitness trends of 2015 -- and yoga is one of these trends.

That's right, a practice that's been around for thousands of years is one of today's hottest trends. Not only that, it's the only one of those trends that has made the list in each of the last ten years. While Pilates, Zumba and other workouts may boom and bust, yoga holds steady. There are more people practicing yoga now than ever before. Why aren't you one of them?

"I really regret taking that yoga class," said no one ever. What are you waiting for?

Find a yoga class that's right for you. Learn more.


Returne to i.d. life.


"I've been practicing yoga for nearly 20 years, and I've certainly seen how yoga can change your body and your perspective on life," Brent Holten says. "Whether you consider yourself a runner, bodybuilder or CrossFitter, yoga can help you develop endurance, strength and flexibility. It also equips you with the ability to stay calm in stressful situations -- something all of us can use in our daily lives."