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2727 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, Il 60614

(773) 477 8400



At i.d. gym, we have a new attitude. We offer no-hassle, no-haggle membership packages that give you the independence in deciding how and when you want to work out with us.


Deals and Steals!

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month-to-month memberships 

$75.00 per month, $149.00 enrollment fee

That’s our month-to-month membership rate. That’s our no-hassle, no-haggle, no contract philosophy.

When you join i.d. gym, you have the flexibility and freedom to work out your way. We don't lock you into a long-term commitment unless you want one. Once you sign up, you're free to cancel your membership at any time without penalty -- and we'll always welcome you back, although certain conditions will apply. 

Your membership includes:

  • All-inclusive group fitness classes

  • All access to our weight and cardio equipment

  • Unlimited number of free one-time guest passes

  • Free fitness goal setting with one of our personal trainers

  • Complimentary fitness workshops

  • Free parking

  • And a great workout! 


crossfit memberships

Experience the hottest style of workout in the world here at i.d. gym! Not only do you get as many crossfit workouts as you can handle, you get full access to all group fitness classes as well. It's the only place in Chicago where you'll also get Fly Yogaˇ, spinning, Parkour, treadmill bootcamp and more. All under one roof!

crossfit membership pricing varies by the type of contract you choose. Visit the LPCF website or the front desk for more details. 


Memberships have rewards! Learn about our i.dollars program.

View our group-fitness class registration and cancellation policy.

Read frequently asked questions about memberships and other topics. 

“Epitome of neighborhood gym. The classes are great, they kick your ass but that’s what we are there for. :)

”I never have a problem getting a machine. I love the location. Staff are very friendly and supportive. They will help you out and answer any questions. I always feel comfortable here. If you come in the evenings like I do you will see familiar faces and this is always a nice thing at a gym for me. Going every day has made me more interested in fitness and it keeps me going!”
— Anthony O. from Chicago on

one-year memberships

$825, paid-in-full, no enrollment fee

If you're the kind of person who doesn't shy away from commitment, sign up for a one-year membership. You get all of the advantages of a month-to-month membership, a free month -- and no enrollment fee.



i.d. cards

If you're the flirtatious type, and even a month-to-month membership is too much commitment for you, try one of our i.d. cards and have true independence -- you decide how to use it, you decide when to work out. We have two kinds of i.d. cards:


i.d. card - standard

An i.d. card is your ticket to true independence. The standard i.d. card is good for either 6 or 12 day passes. Price: $108.00 for 6 visits or $180.00 for 12 visits. 

Each i.d. card enables you to come to i.d. gym for these visits in a one-year period. This excludes personal training, small-group personal training and fitness services. Here are some examples of how you can use an i.d. card:

  • You come for one of our morning in-door cycling classes and then head off to your job. After work on the same day, you then come back to i.d. gym for a yoga class.
  • It’s a Sunday with nothing to do, so you come to i.d. gym for a full-body workout. You start with a morning in-door cycling class, followed by a yoga class. You then run a mile on one of our treadmills and pump some iron on our Cybex machines. You are a workout god!
  • You lead a busy life, and you never know when you can make it to the gym. In one week, you come to i.d. gym three times with your i.d. card. But then you’re traveling on business for the next two weeks. That’s OK – your i.d. card and i.d. gym will be waiting for you.

i.d. card - flex

The flex i.d. card is just that -- flexible. With a true independent spirit, you determine the i.d. card's value. Then, you can use it for any of our products and services -- monthly membership dues, personal training, guest passes or even bottled water. Price: You name it! 

Hey, we're that flexible at i.d. gym. Be sure to stop by the front desk for more information about the standard and flex options of our i.d. cards to see which one is right for you. 


corporate rates & memberships

Do you and your co-workers want to extend the workday with a workout? At i.d. gym, you can arrange for corporate discounted memberships for you and your colleagues. For more information, send an e-mail to

college student summer memberships

Just because you're home for the summer break, doesn't mean you have to take a break from your workout. i.d. gym offers three-month memberships to college students during the summer months. College student summer memberships are available for just $175, paid in full. No enrollment fee!

high school fitness program

Student athletes have two ways to work out at i.d. gym:

  • They can work out after school between 3 and 5:30 p.m. only. Student can be paired with a knowledgeable personal trainers to develop a goal-oriented fitness regimen, or they can work out on their own. 
  • They can work out any time alongside at least one parent

family memberships

At i.d. gym, we have a new adage: the family that works out together, stays fit together. Our family membership plan makes working out easy and more affordable than ever. The family membership plan follows this structure:

  • 1 parent: $75 per month plus $149 initiation fee (our standard rate)
  • 2 relatives: $65 per month plus $75 initiation fee per person
  • Teens: $25 per month; no initiation fee through our high school fitness program.
  • Daycare: If your child isn't quite ready to workout, our day-care service is available Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 am - 11 am through our partnership with Active Moms' Club. Reserve now



guest passes 

Everybody loves to work out with a friend, and so do we at i.d. gym. Treat a friend, relative or significant other to a day pass at i.d. gym. All members can send one day-long guest pass to an unlimited number of friends.

If your guest wants to come back to i.d. gym after his or her first visit, the following rates apply:

  • $16.00 with a member
  • $24.00 without a member

If you fall in love with i.d. gym – like we know you will – you can buy guest passes, i.d. cards or month-to-month memberships on your next visit.


  • Non-Chicago residents can enjoy i.d. gym too with a $24.00 guest pass.

All membership prices are subject to change without notice. While we make every effort to provide you with the most accurate, up-to-date information, occasionally, one or more of our memberships may be mis-priced.