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2727 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, Il 60614

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meet the kettlebell team

Our all-star instructors have teamed up to get you on the fast track to results.

i.d. gym is home to four of the best kettlebell group-fitness instructors in Chicago -- and they've come together to streamline our kettlebell program to get you on the fast track to results. 


Rob Miller. Rob spent five years in the U.S. Navy, serving as a rescue swimmer. He became a personal trainer and started working with kettlebells in 2004. Today, he holds a Senior Russian Kettlebell Certification (RKC). "When someone works out with kettlebells, their body awareness improves and their athletic skill increases as they learn about force distribution," he says. "Since kettlebells are always driven from the hip, increasing hip speed and power directly translates into greater athletic power."

Jennifer McGowan.  A certified personal trainer, Jennifer holds an RKC Level II certification. She works with experienced triathletes and those who are new to weight training. She focuses on helping people  improve sports performance, weight management and physical conditioning. "I've found that kettlebells work like no other fitness tool to build a strong, lean and athletic body," she says. "We start with the basics -- emphasizing the proper form and movement -- so that you can reap the benefits of kettlebell training."  

Kyle Boerema. A personal trainer with an RKC certification, Kyle played football and baseball, and later studied kinesiology.  While emphasizing biomechanics, he looked for something better than isolation exercises -- and that's when he discovered kettlebells. "My classes are going to challenge you, along with giving you an understanding of kettlebell movements," he says. "These classes will make you stronger and increase your capacity over longer periods of time, maximizing your workout as much as possible."

Katie Petersen. In Katie's classes, you'll start with 10 minutes of stretching to help you with mobility. That's followed by 10 minutes of warming up with kettlebells, and we'll include some basic instructions for anyone who is new to working out with kettlebells.  We transition to two 15-minute strength-building circuits, and we wrap up with 10 minutes metabolic conditioning circuits. "I was introduced to kettlebells in 2008, and it was the most effective workout I had ever experienced. It requires a mind-body connection that should always be present," she said.

This is a fantastic gym and a great value. This gym has a great facility with all of the requisite cardio and weight machines. The classes are fantastic.
— Melinda H. of Chicago on