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Workout Matchmaker: I Want Powerful Legs

"Workout Matchmaker" is designed to help you get the most out of our group-fitness program: in each column, we'll take a specific wellness goal and outline a few classes that you can take to meet this goal.

Here, we take a fitness goal that all of us should achieve: building powerful legs. Whether you're a guy or a gal, we should all want to have long, toned and strong legs that we can show off when we wear our favorite shorts or that cute new skirt. 

Why legs matter

We've all seen those dudes -- the ones with muscular upper bodies but skinny, toothpick legs. Besides looking ridiculous, they're not exercising some of the most important muscle groups in the body. When you have strong legs, you show that you have strong cardio health. Muscular legs don't come easy: Genetics aside, you can only build strong legs by performing squats and dead lifts along with taking cardio-based group-fitness classes. 

Start with Pace Express

We designed Pace Express to help you build your cardio strength, burn calories and develop those lower-body muscles -- calves, thighs and glutes. You'll perform a series of drills that are designed to push you to run your best!

Why it's so good 

We know you want to add a treadmill class to your workout schedule but it's difficult to find the time to fit it in. That's why we took one of our most popular formats and cut it to just 30 minutes. This way, you can combine Pace Express with your CrossFit WOD, Kettlebell Challenge or Vinyasa Flow for a full-body exercise routine.

When to find Pace Express:

  • Mondays, 6:15 pm, with Marron Brookes

Want more Pace? Our full 45-minute class will be back on the group-fitness schedule this winter!

If Pace Express isn't you're type

Not every match is made in heaven, so we've got other classes that can help you build up your butt muscles. Try Power Yoga, a group-fitness class available on Fridays and Sundays. This class helps you energize your body and relax your inner soul by blending together strength and flexibility training with athletic yoga movements and breathing. You won't believe how strong your legs will get by holding "warrior" pose!


"Most people go to the gym because they want to achieve a specific fitness goal," says George Deoudes, a personal trainer and group-fitness instructor. "They want to build muscle, they want to lose body fat or they hope to get lean and tone for an upcoming special event, but many of them aren't sure how to get started. That's why we're here to help!"