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Workout Matchmaker: I Want to Get Toned

"Workout Matchmaker" is designed to help you get the most our of our group-fitness program: In each column, we'll take a specific wellness goal and outline a few classes that you can take to meet this goal.

Here, we take a common wellness goals: getting toned. We all know that we need to shape and contour our muscles if we want to get toned, but which group-fitness class is the best option for develop a lean, mean fightin' machine without getting overly bulky or puffy looking? Let's go to the workout matchmaker....

Shape those muscles

To get tone, we need to build up our muscles and burn body fat. And to do so, it's not about piling on more and more weight when you work out with dumbbells and free weights. It's about working out smarter -- not harder -- to get results that you can see and feel.

Start with Dancer's Body

Dancer's Body is one of i.d. gym's most popular signature group-fitness classes. Offered throughout the week, this class helps you get a lean, strong body through a fusion of Pilates and Barre exercises. We'll target the arms, legs, hips, butt, thighs and abs for a killer workout that will leave you sore -- but wanting more!

If Dancer's Body isn't you're type...

Not every match is made in heaven, so we've got other classes that can help you get tone too. Try Body Sculpt, a group-fitness class every Monday, Tuesday and Saturday that incorporates hand weights, resistance tubing and BOSU trainers to help you develop strength and get leaner. 


"Most people go to the gym because they want to achieve a specific fitness goal," says George Deoudes, a personal trainer and group-fitness instructor. "They want to build muscle, they want to lose body fat or they hope to get lean and tone for an upcoming special event, but many of them aren't sure how to get started. That's why we're here to help!"