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Workout Matchmaker: I Want to Build Endurance

"Workout Matchmaker" is designed to help you get the most out of our group-fitness program: in each column, we'll take a specific wellness goal and outline a few classes that you can take to meet this goal.

Here, we take another common wellness goal: building endurance. From cycling to running, swimming and playing sports like soccer, aerobic exercise requires endurance for us to keep going without losing steam. But it often takes more than running longer, swimming faster or cycling a century to really build endurance.

A lot goes into building endurance -- everything from eating a balanced diet of fruit, vegetables, protein and, yes, carbohydrates to making sure that you're getting enough rest in between your workouts.


While it may sound counter intuitive to some of us, high-intensity interval training -- or HIIT -- is one important way to improve endurance. By combining quick bouts of intense exercise with traditional forms of training, you will soon discover that you are able to run faster, swim faster or cycle longer over time.

Start with the Caveman Workout

The Caveman Workout takes untraditional workout equipment -- sledgehammers, sandbags, tractor tires, slosh tubes and beer kegs -- for a high-intensity group-fitness class that will help you build strength and endurance.

In each class, we set up stations around the group-fitness studio, each with different equipment. At one station, you'll swing a sledgehammer against an old tire. At the next, you'll use a beer keg to perform burpees. And at another station, you'll push a sandbag back and forth across the floor. You'll have 45 seconds at each station, with a few seconds of rest between each one. After a few of these classes, you'll feel stronger and more capable -- ready to endure even the most grueling running course you set for yourself.

When to find the Caveman Workout

  • Mondays at 5:15 pm with George Deoudes
  • Sundays at 11 am with Bill Pendleton

If the Caveman Workout isn't you're type

Not every match is made in heaven, so we've got other classes that can help you build endurance too. Try Spinning, a group-fitness class available daily. In Spinning, you'll jump, climb, jog and sprint on a stationary bike to the hottest hits of today and yesterday. Yes, it's a good time, but it's also a terrific workout that helps you burn calories, get strong and build endurance. 


"Most people go to the gym because they want to achieve a specific fitness goal," says George Deoudes, a personal trainer and group-fitness instructor. "They want to build muscle, they want to lose body fat or they hope to get lean and tone for an upcoming special event, but many of them aren't sure how to get started. That's why we're here to help!"