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Love This? Try That! Body Sculpt

We all have our go-to exercise routines or group-fitness classes. We do them well, and we often get a lot out of them, but it may be time to shake up your schedule and try something different. With this new series, we'll provide you with workout alternatives that you may have never considered for yourself.

Love that: Body Sculpt

Body Sculpt is the ultimate group-fitness class for many of you. Designed to strengthen and tone every muscle, from head to toe, Body Sculpt is a great way for all fitness levels to get tone, lean and strong.

But what if you wanted something different?

Try this: Insanity Workout

Described as the "world's hardest workout" that only the brave are crazy enough to try, the high-intensity Insanity Workout doesn't let up for 45 minutes. We use "max interval training" to keep your body working at maximum capacity through the entire class. You keep pushing your limits -- so your body has to adapt. It's crazy hard, and gives crazy good results.

View our complete group-fitness schedule.

The i.d. team loves the fact that our members have their favorite group-fitness classes and exercise equipment. But when you take the same class, or lift the same weights, it's like watching the same movie over and over again: You still enjoy it, but you may only be working out the same muscles week after week.