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the workout planner

We know you're busy. Between your job, your family, other responsibilities -- and having at least a little bit of fun -- you may have little time for exercise. So we put together the workout planner as your resource for tips, news and information.

Use these resources to personalize your fitness -- and get the most out of your workout!

i.d. blog: plan for your fitness future


For many of us, retirement is a long, long way off. Sure, we contribute to the 401(k)s at our jobs, we squirrel away extra cash into an IRA and we dream of relocating to a sunny, warm locale. But our financial situation should not be the only consideration when we think about retirement: What about our physical health? Read on.

love this? try that!

We all have our go-to exercise routines or group-fitness classes. We do them well, and we often get a lot out of them, but it may be time to shake up your schedule and try something different.

With this series, we'll provide you with workout alternatives that you may have never considered for yourself.

love CrossFit? try Bootcamp

love KETTLEelite? try Dancer's Body

love Body Sculpt? try Insanity Workout

class profiles

Whether you're into indoor cycling, yoga or kettlebells, we've got the group-fitness class for you! Here, we break down our class schedule so that you can find the workout that's right for you, your body and your goals.

Featured class: H.I.I.T. - High intensity interval training

H.I.I.T. is designed to work the entire body in short, intense blasts. It's a great cardio workout that adds some flexibility and balance training drills to maximize the workout. Read on






Not what you're looking for? Try one of these awesome classes!

Cardio: When you're looking for a heart-pumpin' workout!

Cardio Core | Cardio Sculpt | Fat Shred | H.I.I.T. Insanity Workout | Spinning/Express Spin | Spin and Sculpt |  Treadmill Bootcamp

Strength: We can help you get big and strong.

Ab Blastbody i.deology | Cardio Core | Cardio Sculpt | Body Sculpt | Bootcamp | Buff Yoga | Caveman Workout | Cross Training | Dancer's Body | KETTLEburn KETTLEconditioning |KETTLEelite | KETTLEstrong KETTLEtechnique | ParkourTRX Suspension Training | Target Zone 

Mind + Body: Something for the muscle between your ears too.

Buff Yoga | Fly Yoga® | Vinyasa Yoga | Express Yoga/Yoga Basics/Power Yoga

Signature Classes: You can't get these babies anywhere else!

body i.deologyCaveman Workout | Dancer's Body | Fly Yoga® | Treadmill Bootcamp

workout mashups

A "mashup" is a term that started in the music industry to describe the blending of two songs that you wouldn't imagine going together, but end up sounding great once they're mixed into one.

We designed the Workout Mashup series to provide you with tips on some winning combinations to intensify your workout.


Body Sculpt and …Bootcamp and ... | CrossFit and ... Dancer's Body and ... Fly Yoga and ... | KETTLEburn and ... | KETTLEconditioning andKickboxing and ... Spinning and ... | Treadmill Bootcamp and ... 

The Perfect Workout

The perfect workout" series is designed to help you get the most out of i.d.'s group-fitness program, weight room and cardio equipment. With this series, we'll propose workout routines for each day of the week. 

Mondays | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursdays | Fridays | Saturdays | Sundays

workout matchmakers


"Workout matchmaker" is designed to help you get the most out of our group-fitness program: In each column, we'll take a specific wellness goal and outline a few classes that you can take to meet this goal. 



 i want powerful legsi want a shapely butti want a six pack | i want to build endurancei want to cut body fati want to run fasteri want to get flexiblei want to get tonei want to lose weight | i want to get strong