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2727 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, Il 60614

(773) 477 8400


i.d. cards

If you're the flirtatious type, and even a month-to-month membership is too much commitment for you, try one of our i.d. cards and have true independence -- you decide how to use it, you decide when to work out.

An i.d. card is your ticket to true independence, and is good for either 6 or 12 day passes.

Price: $108.00 for 6 visits ($18 per day) or $180.00 for 12 visits ($15 per day)

Each i.d. card enables you to come to i.d. gym for these visits in a one-year period. This excludes personal training, small-group personal training and fitness services. Here are some examples of how you can use an i.d. card:

  • You come for one of our morning in-door cycling classes and then head off to your job. After work on the same day, you then come back to i.d. gym for a yoga class.
  • It’s a Sunday with nothing to do, so you come to i.d. gym for a full-body workout. You start with a morning in-door cycling class, followed by a yoga class. You then run a mile on one of our treadmills and pump some iron on our Cybex machines. You are a workout god!
  • You lead a busy life, and you never know when you can make it to the gym. In one week, you come to i.d. gym three times with your i.d. card. But then you’re traveling on business for the next two weeks. That’s OK – your i.d. card and i.d. gym will be waiting for you.

What can we say? We're that flexible at i.d. gym! 

Click here to purchase a 12-visit i.d. card

Click here to purchase a 6 visit i.d. card