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Watch Your Back: Stretch It Out


When we get to the gym, most of jump right onto a treadmill, hop onto the bench press or grab a set of dumb bells and pump that iron. But we all know better -- we've all heard about the importance of stretching to warm up the body again and again. This especially holds true for the back. Before you start your next workout, try out these simple back stretches.

For your upper back...

Hold one end of a towel or resistance band just over your 
head. Then, reach behind your back and grab the lower end. Next, lightly pull on both ends of the towel or band at the same time for a stretch that will work your upper back and even your shoulders. Hold the stretch for a 20-second count, and then repeat.   

For your lower back...

Try a simple yoga movements like cat pose: Get on the floor on all fours and hold your back in a flat position. Curl up your back like a Halloween cat, hold for a moment and then release. After repeating a few times, you'll strengthen and stretch your back.