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Function Junction: Multi-Directional Lunges

The idea behind functional training is that each exercise should be natural and carry over into your daily life. These multidimensional exercises tend to activate more muscles, consume more energy and improve mobility. So, how do you perform functional exercises? Here's our training tip of the month.

Let's start with multi-directional lunges

"Multi-directional lunges work multiple muscles in your lower body -- the adductors in your inner thighs, the abductors in the outer thighs and your glutes -- you know where they are!" personal trainer George Deoudes says. "These lunges also will help you build balance and core stability."

Here's how to get started:

  • Think of one repetition as a clock face. 

  • Keep one leg in place and step out with the other leg -- to the front, back and both sides -- until your knee reaches a 90-degree angle and your rear knee is parallel to the floor.

  • Start by doing three sets of 12 repetitions with no weight. If you are more advanced, or as you improve, rest a bar rested across your shoulders or hold a dumbbell in each hand to build even more strength.

Need help? Ask one of our knowledgeable personal trainers for tips on how to get started.

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