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Working Outside of the Box

At i.d. gym, we often advise you on the importance of shaking up your workout routine: Add a Spinning class to your weightlifting regimen, take yoga after running on one of our treadmills or work out in our weight room after your favorite sculpting class.  

Now we want you to take it a step further: We want you to take your exercise routine out of the box. Yes, we want you to take advantage of our expansive group-fitness schedule, but now we are taking it a step further by challenging you to change your approach to working out altogether.

It's About More Than Kilojoules

Our new Spinner Blade ION bikes revolutionized our popular Spinning classes. The bike computers give us eye-opening information on what we put into and get out of our workouts. We know some folks who burn more than 600 kilojoules -- a measure of energy which is a close relative of calories -- in one class, so we understand why some of us obsess over that energy number. Instead, think outside of the box by focusing on your heart rate: Rent one of our heart rate monitors, download a free app to show your energy zones, and see if you can keep your heart rate in the "orange zone" through most of a Spinning class. Not only will you build endurance, you may even burn more kilojoules.

"You" Time

We all know the benefits of yoga -- our classes help you build flexibility and tone your muscles. They're also a great stress reliever. We all handle stressful situations differently, whether it's through booze, ice cream, anger or just bottling it up on the inside. We can think of a better way to release that stress -- through yoga. Whether it's a 30-minute Express Yoga session or a 75-minute Power Yoga class, think of our yoga classes as "you" time. These classes are designed to help you forget your trials and tribulations in the real world so you can focus on your body, mind and soul. You might just find that spending a little time away from your problems gives you a new perspective on a solution.

Focus on the Entire Workout

We see a lot of people who only focus on only the hard part of working out. They go straight to the 50-pound dumbbells without stretching, or skip the cooldown of a Spinning class. Every workout should have a beginning, middle and end -- and all three deserve undivided attention. Our group-fitness classes have a warm-up to help you get ready for the hard part, and they include a cool-down to get your body back to normal. And even if you're working out on your own, you should start your routine with stretching and end it with more stretching. You'll avoid injuries, and over time, you'll see improvements in your performance.

Eliminate Negativity

Negative thinking is the biggest obstacle to thinking outside the box. If you don't believe you can accomplish your goals, or if you give up because you have one bad workout you will greatly limit your success. Replace those negative thoughts with positive ones. Instead of "I had a terrible workout today" stop yourself and say "This was one step toward reaching my goals, and every step is important."


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"We're firm believers in variety -- that's why we offer nearly 100 regular group-fitness and Lincoln Park CrossFit classes a week," Brent Holten says. "When you follow a well-rounded workout regimen, you're more likely to build strength, flexibility and endurance."