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frequently asked questions about i.d. gym memberships

I'd like to try a class or two before I commit to a membership. Do you offer drop-in rates?

Absolutely! Come in and try the club for a full day and take as many classes as you like for just $24. If you're still not sure you want to commit we offer i.d. cards in 6 or 12 day amounts. You can use those days anytime you like and have full access to the club for those days.

Do I have to be a member to take a Fly Yoga® class?

No. We offer drop in options for people who only want to take a class now and then.  

Do you give discounts for students or teachers? 

We offer a 10% discount on monthly membership for full-time students and teachers. 

I have a month-to-month membership. How do I go about canceling?

You must provide 30 days notice of cancelation for all month-to-month memberships.  All cancelations must be made in person at the gym. Cancelations are not accepted over phone or by email. 

I have a family membership. I need to cancel my membership, but my relative wishes to continue with i.d. gym. What do we do? 

First, we hate to see you leave, and we'll welcome you back at any time. You may cancel your membership as described above. Your relative can continue on at i.d. gym, but his or her monthly dues will revert to our standard monthly rate.

I have a one-year, paid-in-full contract. How do I cancel? 

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel a one-year, paid-in-full contract because it is a one-year, paid-in-full contract. 

Can I freeze my membership?

Yes. Memberships can be put on hold for up to three months per year.  A freeze is not a cancelation. At the end of your membership freeze, your account will be activated and you will be responsible for your monthly payments.

Can I share my membership?

No. Memberships cannot be shared and are not transferable.

Do I have to pay my membership dues all at once? 

No. We will auto-bill the credit card of your choice on the first of each month.  

What if my credit card is declined for my auto-pay?

There will be a $25 service charge for all declined credit card transactions.