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2727 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, Il 60614

(773) 477 8400

Class Profile: Cross Training

When you want to follow an outside-the-box approach to working out, Cross Training is  our group-fitness classes that is all about expanding your exercise horizons.

In Cross Training, we take strength-building exercises for upper and lower body. Then, we mix in cardio intervals that are designed to keep you lean. This class gives you two workouts in one hour -- it's the ultimate outside-the-box workout!

The main difference between this class and others are the aerobic intervals. We regularly change the format of the class to avoid boredom and take advantage of the effects of muscle confusion. Plus, it brings a new level of excitement!

When to find CROSS Training:

  • Tuesdays, 8:30 am with AnneMarie Sampson

"When you put in 100% of your effort and push yourself to the limit, you will get fitter," says instructor AnneMarie Sampson, who has nearly 30 year of experience in the fitness industry.