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Chicago, Il 60614

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Check Out Our Cardio Equipment

We are investing in i.d. gym and giving you new ways to personalize your workouts with new treadmills, new cross trainers, new stair climbers and new spin bikes!


12 Star Trac E-CT Treadmills

These treadmills feature runner-friendly consoles and keypads featuring large readouts for time, distance, speed and more. They feature 12 programs, including a dynamic heart rate control option, fitness tests and more. Plus, each treadmill comes with personal cooling fans!

These treadmills have a maximum speed of 15 mph, which is more than enough for hardcore runners. They also have a maximum incline of 15% to supply even more intensity. Other features include:

  • A spacious 20" x 60" tread belt provides enough room for even the tallest of people who normally have bigger strides to run comfortably. This running surface features the Soft Trac® triple cell cushioning system that provides maximum shock absorption to minimizing running-related injuries.

  • 12 pre-set programs give you the variety you need to enjoy your exercise. These programs include Fitness Test, Firefighter Test, ARMY Protocol, USMC Protocol, USAF Protocol and NAVY Protocol.

  • If you like heart rate workouts, then this machine also features that. The Polar® heart rate system constantly monitors your heart while the Dynamic heart rate controls the speed and incline of your workouts to keep you in your target heart rate zone.

6 Star Trac E-CT Cross Trainers


These elliptical machines come with user-friendly consoles that feature a large message window, motivational tracks and eight user-specific workout programs, as well as a personal fan and multiple cup and accessory holders.

These machines are designed to offer best-in-class biomechanics and its SoftTrac® pedals ensure maximum comfort throughout the training session. Other features include:

  • Eight program options, including dynamic heart rate control and constant heart rate control.

  • Data readouts that provide details on calories, distance, elapsed time, heart rate, program profile and resistance level and watts.

  • Two options for heart rate monitors -- a grip sensor system or a wireless option that's compatible with chest straps.



2 Star Trac E-SM Stair Mills

Like the new treadmills and ellipticals, these new climbers come with friendly consoles and display units. These stair mills feature multiple motivational and muscle-specific workout programs that enable you to energize your workouts, whether it's climbing the Empire State Building or toning with the Glute Sculptor program.

Yes, this is the machine you have seen in gyms for decades, except this is the latest version. Like the new treadmills and ellipticals, these climbers come with an array of friendly features that include:

  • 11 built-in workout options that include Glute Sculptor, ThighToner, Fat Burner, Famous Step®, Fitness Tests, Heart Rate Controls, and custom. You can even virtually walk up famous places like the Empire State Building. 

  • 20 levels of resistance for all levels of fitness.

  • LED displays for floors climbed, heart rate, course profile, resistance level, time, motivational track; calories per hour, distance and speed.

  • Long handrails for support, contact and wireless heart rate monitors and a personal fan.

25 Star Trac Spinner Blade Ion

These spin bikes are on the cutting edge of technology, featuring power meters that provide riders and instructors with a concise system for measuring your actual power output. The Spinner Blade ION bikes also break new design barriers with its integrated generator system that captures a rider's energy and  converts it into to the electrical power to drive the technology and recharge the system.

Did you know that i.d. gym is the only full-service gym in Chicago that has these state-of-the-art bikes? The bikes offer a variety of cutting-edge technology features, including:

  • An integrated power system using strain-gauge technology that authentically measures a rider's power output.

  • An environmentally friendly, self powering flywheel generator that reduces energy consumption.

  • A simple, intuitive computer display with easy-to-read data, covering power, time, cadence, heart rate, distance and kilocalories.

  • A summary display with peak power, average power, time, average heart rate, average cadence, total distance and total calories.

  • A powerful chain drive system that delivers an authentic riding feel.

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