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Body Fat Busters

It's a complaint we hear often from our friends: they watch what they eat and step up their exercise regiment to lose those unwanted pounds, and while they shed the weight they just can't seem to reduce their body fat.


We all know that when we want to lose weight we have to burn more calories than we consume, so we cut out junk food, control our portion sizes and amp up our workouts, and if we're diligent we see the pounds melt away over time. But how do we lose body fat?    



Read on to learn new ways to trim your body fat, lose weight and feel great! 


"When people ask us what they should do to lose body fat, depending on their specific circumstances, we tell them the solution is not how much they eat but what they eat and we tell them it's not how much they exercise but what exercises they do," Brent Holten says.