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everything you need to know about Fly Yoga®

Brent Holten

At i.d. gym, we're proud of our group-fitness classes -- we think they are what sets us apart from other gyms in Chicago. We're especially proud of Fly Yoga®, one of our signature classes that is a unique blend of traditional yoga, acrobatics, gymnastics and dance. 

"In Fly Yoga, you use silk hammocks that enable you to move deeper into yoga postures, improve your balance and strength, practice advanced inversions with ease, and even learn circus-style tricks," group-fitness instructor DeeDee Knoche says. "You're able to stretch your muscles in ways that you couldn't do in a regular yoga class -- and it can be a lot of fun!"

As our exclusive style of aerial yoga, we always knew that Fly Yoga -- named "Best New Yoga" by Chicago Magazine -- was a good time. And now we can tell you that it's not only fun, it's good for you.

A new study commissioned by t he  American Council on Exercise (ACE)  examined the health benefits of aerial yoga classes like Fly Yoga. Researchers wanted to determine if the classes had any cardiovascular and metabolic impact, following 16 healthy adult women who took aerial yoga classes over a six-week period.

"We are pleased to announce that even though aerial yoga does not include traditional cardio exercises, a single session of aerial yoga offered participants many of the benefits associated with low- to moderate-intensity aerobic exercise like brisk walking or leisurely cycling," says ACE Chief Science Officer Cedric X. Bryant, Ph.D. "After the six-week program, participants displayed measurable reductions in some common risk factors for cardiovascular heart disease."

Anecdotally, the participants reported that the intensity of the aerial yoga session fell somewhere near the midpoint on an intensity spectrum ranging from stress-relieving, restorative yoga sessions (at the low end) to high-intensity, hot yoga classes. 

The results of this study were impressive. Without any additional cardio exercise, the women:

  • Lost weight and body fat
  • Improved their cholesterol scores
  • Lowered their blood pressure
  • Reduced their risk of heart disease by more than 10%! 

"This study indicates that aerial yoga offers people another effective option for achieving enhanced health and wellness," Bryant added. "The more forms of exercise we can validate through research, the better the chances that people can find an effective form of exercise they enjoy, which improves adherence and leads to improved overall health." Plus, since participants have so much fun in class, they're much more likely to stick to a regular exercise program.

Sounds like i.d.'s Fly Yoga to us! Read on for more news about Fly Yoga and i.d.'s other yoga classes. Register for a Fly Yoga class now.

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