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get focused

Brent Holten

We love autumn. The summer stress is a distant memory, the kids are focused on school routines and holiday festivities -- and the resolutions that follow them -- are still weeks away. To us, there's no better time to get focused on exercise.

"As the days get shorter, and the weather turns cooler, autumn is the perfect time to focus on the way you look and, more importantly, the way you feel," Brent Holten says. "Sure, you may have a few special occasions and Halloween parties to plan, but you have several weeks to spend some quality time in the gym."

To help you get your workouts into gear, we put together these tactics you can use to make the most out of the month:

Get centered: One of the best ways to re-commit to your exercise regimen is to get centered on yourself through yoga. At i.d, we have all types of yoga classes -- offered every day of the week -- to help you clear your mind, stretch your muscles and energize your soul. Read about the many yoga options you have at i.d. gym.

Get intense: We often sing the virtues of getting out of your comfort zone with your workouts. When you increase intensity -- even exercising in an extreme way -- you will get stronger. So, whether you run a little longer, lift heavier weights or dial up the resistance in your favorite Spinning class, you may surprise yourself with the results. See a Class Profile for details on one of our most intense workouts.

Get diverse: We love that you have favorite group-fitness classes. We love seeing you week after week, but at the same time, we don't want you to plateau. You only can go so far with the same routine, so add some cardio, strength or yoga classes into your schedule -- whichever you think is missing -- then come back to your standbys to see the results. See Love That Try This for some new workout ideas.