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It's all about you!

Brent Holten


We give so much of ourselves. If you're like most of us, you have so many demands on your time that you often forget to focus on what you need, so we want you to make 2016 all about you!  

"In today's complicated world, we're pulled in so many directions by our jobs, our families and friends, and our community that we are often left with little time for ourselves," Brent Holten says. "While focusing on our careers, families and friends certainly has rewards, we sometimes forget that it's OK to be just a little selfish and take some time out of our busy schedules to focus on what we need as individuals." 

While it's still early in the year, we want you to resolve to use your time at the gym -- even if it's as little as 45 minutes a day -- as "you" time. Here are just a few ideas to make 2016 all about you:

Work out your frustrations: After a long day of being on the go, what better way to take out your frustrations than with one of i.d.'s hard-charging group-fitness classes. Punch a heavy bag in Kickboxing, swing a sledgehammer at a tractor tire in Caveman Workout or run as fast as you can in Treadmill Bootcamp, and traffic, crowded trains and stressful work projects will be nothing but distant memories.

Let yourself go: Imagine that your life was so simple you could wash your troubles away by focusing on breathing and a few basic movements. At i.d. gym, our yoga classes are designed to do just that. Whether you want to focus on the fundamentals in Yoga Basics or you want to turn your practice upside down with Fly Yoga®, yoga is the perfect way to set your problems aside so that you can take them on with a fresh perspective once you're off the mat.

Feel good: In today's world, folks put so much emphasis on the way they look, they often forget about how they feel. Sure, you may not have abs of steel, and you could stand to lose a few pounds, but how do you look on the inside? Often, when we feel good about ourselves, you'll in time get the body you want. At i.d., we have classes like Dancer's BodyBody Sculpt and Fat Shred that are designed to help you look good -- and feel great!