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working out around your injuries

Brent Holten


We've all been there before: A sore knee, a strained back or aching shoulders prevent us from working out the way we want. But these kinds of injuries don't have to keep you on the sidelines -- there are some smart ways to work out around them.   

First, let's state the obvious: If your injury is a new one, it's best to let your body rest, and if the pain won't go away, you should see a doctor. However, if you've been cleared to exercise, there are some creative ways you have great workouts without worsening your injuries -- and perhaps even help heal those pain points.

Let's start with some basic workarounds for some common injuries:

  • You're a runner with sore knees or strained hamstrings. While running may put too much pressure on your body, try a Spinning class for a high-intensity cardio workout that isn't as impactful.
  • You're a yogi with sore shoulders, and the thought of just one downward-facing dog makes you wince in pain. Try Treadmill Bootcamp -- a hard-charging class that will emphasize your lower body and broaden your workout horizons.
  • You're a bodybuilder with strained back muscles. Head to the next Fly Yoga® class, where you'll perform inversions in our silk hammocks that will stretch out those sore muscles.

These are just a few quick tips for working out with injuries. Read on for more ideas:

What tips and tricks do you have for balancing your desire to workout with the need to heal those pesky injuries? Share your stories through the Comment link below.

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