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2727 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, Il 60614

(773) 477 8400


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what's new at i.d. gym? a lot!

Brent Holten


At i.d. gym, we love November. As the seasons change, it's the perfect time of year for reinvention, so we're going to be shaking up things a bit, starting with this newsletter's look! But we're not stopping there -- we'll be introducing you to new group-fitness classes, new instructors and new programs that you can use to shake up your routine and reinvent your workout.

In the coming weeks, you'll be seeing more about our new campaign -- All in One. All for You. This campaign is designed to illustrate everything i.d. gym has to offer for folks like you to personalize your workouts. In today's fitness world, a lot of people go to yoga studios for yoga classes, cycling studios for indoor cycling classes or personal training gyms for one-on-one workouts. At i.d. gym, we've got all of that -- and more -- for a great value under just one roof. That's why Chicago Magazine named us one of the "Best in Chicago."

We're proud of our independent streak -- "i.d." is derived from our official name, "Independent Gym," after all. We're a boutique gym with a friendly atmosphere that combines all of the features of big-box gyms with the personal service one finds at small studios:

We've got a lot to offer -- and it's all for you!