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take the "work" out of your workout

Brent Holten


If you're like us, you do everything you can to avoid tasks that feel like work. Instead, you put off the inevitable and focus on the things that are fun to do. When it comes to working out, it's important for us to make sure that our exercise regimen is something we enjoy -- and looks nothing like work. 

At i.d., we do our best to help everyone enjoy their workout. That's why we offer a wide variety of group-fitness classes and all of the machines and equipment you need for a great workout. The rest is up to you!

The key to make sure your exercise routine doesn't turn into drudgery is to incorporate other things that you enjoy into your workout. Here are some tips:

Music makes the people come together: Most of us have playlists that energize our workouts, whether we're running on a treadmill or pumpin' iron in the weight room. Certain songs, whether it's classic rock or EDM, just get our juices flowing, so it's important to have a soundtrack to motivate us and put some fun into working out.

And if you want a DJ for your workouts, come to group-fitness classes like Spin and Sculpt or Dancer's Body for tunes that perfectly match each moment of your workout.

Keep score: Don't think of exercise goals or targets. When you're counting your daily steps (or miles or minutes) attach a score to your workout and try to beat your previous day's score. 

Get a little crazy: Tell yourself you'll run extra hard until you hear the word "baby" in your music or until someone wearing red walks by. Also, formulate an absurd hypothetical: Tell yourself that if you get to 12 reps, you're going to get that raise at work or meet your dream date. Attaching some crazy significance to exercise is a way to make it amusing.

If you're a Type A: Many of us like to see how far we can push ourselves, whether it's in our career or our workout. If this sounds like you, a fun workout would be running on a treadmill as fast as possible or bench pressing a heavy load of weights.

While we've got group-fitness classes for all types, if you're a hard charger, you'll love Spinning, where we bet you'll use one of our Star Trac Spinner Blade Ion bikes to try to improve your average power rate in every class. Other classes that would be right for you would be Kettlebell Challenge or Kettlebell Bootcamp, where you'll test your abilities with goblet squats and Turkish get-ups.

Make the job a game: Pick a card, any card for this great treadmill game. Take four index cards and write the words "run," "run fast," "jog" or "walk" on each of them. Shuffle 'em up while you warm up for about a mile. Then, draw a card and do whatever it says for 3 to 4 minutes until you've gone through all four. Repeat until nice and sweaty. Get even more creative by adding playing cards with specific speeds, inclines or punishments like push-ups, lunges or squats.

Chill time: Sometimes we just don't want to push to the max, but we still want a good workout. Borrow one of our Schoshe heart rate monitors, hop on a Star Trac cross trainer and maintain a steady heart rate, say 70% of your max for 30 minutes. You'll burn fat and calories without going into overdrive.

And if group fitness is your style, we've got all types of yoga classes -- from Yoga Basics to Fly Yoga® -- that will help you reach the chill zone.

Make it personal: If your exercise routine has become so routine that it's no longer a good time. maybe it's time for you to reinvent your workout. We've got a variety of personal training programs -- from PT/PT (part-time personal training) to small-group personal training -- that will help you customize your workouts and make them fun again.

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