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...And Now a Few Words About That Other Kind of Balance

This is where the i.d. team gets up on its soap box. With balance as the theme of this edition of "i.d. news," we want to take the opportunity to preach on the importance of following a well-balanced workout routine.

Here are six quick tips to build a balanced workout program:

  1. Hit the "fitness trifecta." Rotate your workout schedule to make sure you give proper focus to the three primary components of fitness: muscle strength, cardio strength and flexibility. See more.
  2. Never follow the same routine two days in a row. When you follow the same routine day after day, you're working the same muscle groups again and again. Shake it up!
  3. Surprise yourself. Take a group-fitness class that you could never see yourself in. If you're a CrossFit fan, come to one of our Cardio Dance classes. If you love yoga, try the Caveman Workout. You might surprise yourself and find a new favorite.
  4. Lift weights. We love it that you love our group-fitness classes. We love seeing you regularly in our cycling, sculpting and yoga classes. But we also want you to take advantage of our weight machines, free weights and kettlebells. We have them for a reason: To help you get strong!
  5. Make it personal. It's OK if you're not sure how to reinvent your workouts -- that's why we're here. We offer an array of personal training options that you can use to incorporate new ideas into your fitness regimen.
  6. Set aside a day to rest. We want you to workout hard, but we don't want you to over do it. Listen to your body, and rest when you need it.

* * *

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"Even professional athletes who specialize in just one sport understand the importance of a balanced workout," Brent Holten says. "Tennis players lift weights to build strength, runners practice yoga to get flexible and football players perform plyometric drills for speed and endurance. There's no reason why you shouldn't have just as balanced exercise regimen."