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...We've got a class for that!

The i.d. gym group-fitness schedule is full of classes that are designed to help you improve your balance.

Here is a rundown of these classes so that you can find the option that's right for you.


Balanced Plyometrics 

Balanced Plyometrics is a combination of yoga postures and plyometrics, or jump training. The class is a great way for those who want the benefits that yoga provides, like a strong core, better balance and increased flexibility, in addition to an intense, calorie-burning cardio workout. 

"By incorporating unique exercises that blend the best of both worlds, Balanced Plyometrics is a class that's a little bit cardio and a little bit flexibility and balance training," group-fitness instructor David Mierke said. "It's a great fit for people looking to spice up their workout, who may have done very little yoga, or those who are simply looking for a fun, high-energy alternative to their cardio routines."

When to find it: Tuesdays at 7 pm

Buff Yoga

Nearly every yoga-based class at i.d. gym can help you improve your balance, but Buff Yoga takes balance training to an all-new level.

Buff Yoga takes traditional yoga movements and combines them with elements of a Body Sculpt class to give you one fabulous workout. Throughout a Buff Yoga class, you'll flow through a variety of yoga poses using hand weights that will help you get toned, shredded, and blissed out. This powerful combination will help you work on balance, flexibility and strength -- all at the same time. 

When to find it: Wednesdays at 7:15 pm and Thursdays at 9 am

Dancer's Body

Dancer's Body doesn't necessarily focus on balance training, but many of the routines you perform in one of these classes will help improve your balance.

In Dancer's Body, you can get a lean, strong body through a fusion of Pilates and Barre exercises that target the hips, butt, thighs and abs. In these killer workouts, you'll do a lot of work standing on one leg or up on your toes. This helps develop core strength and increases your awareness of where you carry your weight -- information you can use to find the right balance.

When to find it: Tuesdays at 6:30 am, Thursdays at 6:15 pm, Fridays at 9 am and Saturdays at 10 am

Treadmill Bootcamp

You wouldn't necessarily expect to enhance your balance while taking a running-based class like Treadmill Bootcamp.

Some people think Treadmill Bootcamp is the hardest workout in Chicago. In this class, you run on a treadmill to build up your speed and endurance. And if that's not enough for you, we add in military-style bootcamp drills for strength, so that you can push yourself to your limits.

In Treadmill Bootcamp, you'll develop better balance because you'll become a better runner. You'll run with more strength, confidence and assuredness -- and we can't get more balanced than that.

When to find it: Tuesdays at 9 am; Wednesdays at 5:45 pm and 6:30 pm

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